Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Collection

vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari collection NERO edition

Vertu, Nokia’s arm for luxury phone, and Ferrari jointly presents the Ascent Ti Ferrari Collection mobile phones. This is the second time the two company to collaborate for a special edition of luxury phone, the previous one is the Ascent Ferrari 1947 Challenge.

vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari collection ROSSO edition
The Ascent Ti Ferrari collection comes in three editions, Nero, Rosso and Giallo. The Nero limted edition that is made of all titanium with crystal sapphire pillows, and is coated with scratch-proof PVD. The Rosso and Giallo, comes in Red and Yellow, havePVD-coated keys and battery covers, as well as ceramic pillows.

vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari collection Giallo edition

All the Ascent Ti Ferrari phones are WCDMA 3G phones with quad-band GSM support. They have a 3 Megapixel auto focus camera, Bluetooth, stainless steel keys, sapphire crystal screen, and 400MB internal memory. Of course, they will get Ferrari themes and ringtones.



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