Thecus N3200 Pro AMD Geode-powered NAS

Thecus N3200 Pro AMD Geode-powered NAS

Thecus introduces the N3200 Pro network drive that is powered by AMD’ Geode processor. The Thecus N3200 Pro NAS for home comes with three SATA drive bays supporting up to 3TB of storage capacity. It supports RAID 5 for the speed of a striped array with the security of complete data redundancy.

The Thecus N3200 Pro has a LCD display and includes a built-in iTunes Server, a DLNA-compatible Media Server for digital content streaming. It has also USB wireless dongle compatibility allowing wireless connection.

The N3200PRO can also keep an eye on things at home with its Web Surveillance Server. Just plug in a compatible USB webcam and the N3200PRO can take scheduled snapshots – all without having a PC turned on!



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