Fujitsu MJA2 CH 2.5-inch HDD with 256-bit AES

Fujitsu MJA2 CH 2.5-inch HDD 256-bit AES  encryption
Fujitsu announced its new MJA2 BH and MJA2 CH series 2.5-inch 5400RPM notebook hard drives. Thanks too SATA interface, both of them can offers up to 3.0Gb/sec transfer rate. They are also eco-friendly with 1.4W power consumption, which is 33% less than the previous generation.

Fujitsu’s MJA2 CH series hard drive features the 256-bit AES hardware-based FDE encryption offering the highest level of data protection.

Fujitsu launches also the MJA2 BH that is pretty the same as the MJA2 CH, but doesn’t come with the 256-bit AES encryption. Both of them are compact in size and feature shock resistance.



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