Navigon 8100T uber-premium GPS Navigator

Navigon 8100T uber-premium GPS Navigator

Navigon announces the launch of the new 8100T uber-premium GPS navigation device. Navigon 8100T is claimed to be the combination of style, substance, performance and precision. 8100T is the first GPS navigator in the market to offer Panorama View 3D.

Navigon 8100T features a 4.8-inch widescreen display, Voice Destination Entry, Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Fast Destination Entry, Advanced Text-to-speech and Bluetooth for hands-free calling. It comes with Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life.

Available in November, the Navigon 8100T is priced at $599. You may also want to get the optional FreshMaps which provides up to 12 map updates over three years for $79.99.



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