Maxell P2C A series P2 Storage Card

Maxell P2C A series P2 Storage Card

Maxell introduces the new P2C A series P2 storage cards. The P2 technology is designed by Panasonic for reliable HD video recording.

Maxell offers three models, the 16GB P2C-16A, 32GB P2C-32A and 64GB P2C-64A.

More about P2 cards:

P2 cards are high-precision micro-computers with their own processors, firmware, a RAID controller, and gigabytes of the highest-quality zero-fault solid-state memory chips….Early P2 cards were manufactured using actual SD memory cards in a striped RAID array, thus increasing the performance far beyond any individual memory chip’s speed. The newest generation of P2 cards dispenses with using individual SD memory cards and actually uses the core memory components.



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