Dell Studio XPS and XPS 730x get Core i7

Dell XPS 730x intel core i7 gaming pc

While Gateway, Cyberpower and Velocity Micro offer new Core i7 PCs, Dell also releases its Studio XPS and XPS 730x desktop PC with Intel’s new Core i7 processor. The new Studio XPS desktops will be powered by Intel Core i7 processor and the X58 chipset. They pack up to 12GB of tri-chnnel RAM and up to 1TB of hard drive. You can also expect dedicated ATI video card. The price of the new Core i7 powered Studio XPS ranges from $949 to $1499.

Dell’s XPS 730x gaming desktop also gets the new Core i7 processor with the X58 chipset. Intel Core i7-920/940/965 Extreme Edition CPU options are available. The gaming machine can have up to 6GB of tri-channel RAM and up to 4TB of HDD. As for graphics, users can get either single ATI Radeon HD4850, NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT, NVIDIA GeForce GXT280 or dual ATI Radeon HD4850 CrossFireX. The price ranges from $1999 to $4849.

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