Logic3 Valve80 Vacuum Tube iPod Amplifier

Logic3 Valve80 Vacuum Tube iPod Amplifier

Logic3 presents the Valve80, a Hybrid Vacuum Tube iPod Dock Amplifier. Designed to offer outstanding iPod sound performance, the Valve80 comes with high quality 6N1 and 6E2 vacuum tubes. The tube-based amplifier delivers a output power of 40W per channel.

Logic3 Valve80 comes with a pair of high-quality 2-way bookshelf speakers with piano black finish. The speakers combine soft dome tweeters drivers and the 4 inch Kevlar cones providing precise and rich clarity of sound.

Logic3 Valve80 is able to recharge and listen to your iPod. It has Component and S-Video outputs that allows you to view iPod video content. The two RCA inputs also allow users to connect other audio devices, like DAB radio, CD player..etc.

The Logic3 Valve80 is priced at GBP299.

[logic3] via [t3]


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