Matrox Iris GT Smart Camera with Atom CPU

Matrox Iris GT Smart Camera with Atom CPU

Matrox introduces the Iris GT smart camera that is equipped with an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor and runs Windows CE 6.0 OS. Other than the Atom CPU, the Iris GT has also 256MB of RAM and 1GB of flash memory. It comes with a monochrome camera sensor offering 640×480 or 1280×940 resolution.

The Matrox Iris GT is designed to run machine vision applications that can be created using Matrox Design Assistant integrated development environment (IDE).

A finished application will be able to accept input from the camera, then perform operations such as the following, according to the company:

  • Locating and reading barcodes
  • Finding and recognizing character strings
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Measuring the geometry of 2D objects
  • Compensating for lens distortion, and calibrating itself via a grid or a list of known points


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