Celio REDFLY C7 and C8N WM Companions

Celio REDFLY C7 and C8N WM Companions

Remember Celio REDFLY mobile companion, a Palm Foleo like device, for Windows Mobile-based phones? The company introduces two new models, the REDFLY C7 and REDFLY C8N.

The REDFLY C7 has a 7-inch 800×480 display and offers 5 hours of battery life. It has two USB ports and supports TV-out. The REDFLY C8N has a bigger 8-inch display and offers 3 hours longer battery life than the C7. In addition to USB ports, the C8N has also the Media Port for connecting devices with composite TV-out.

Celio REDFLY C7 will be released on 24 November for $229 and the C8N on 1 December for $299.



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