Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi Earphones

Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi

Ultimate Ear, Logitech’s subsidiary, announced the new Super.Fi 5 and Super.Fi 5vi earphones that features a top-fire-armature speaker design offering enhanced audio in a comfortable, compact shape.

The Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi delivers a 15 Hz to 15 kHz frequency response range and a top sound pressure level (SPL) of 115 dB. It come with a machined liquid-silver plastic housing providing comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

Basically, the Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 and Super.Fi 5vi have the same features. The Super.Fi 5vi has a high-performance microphone for hands-free phone calls. It works with iPhone and BlackBerry phone with 3.5mm jack.

Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 and Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi are available for USD$169.99 and $189.99.



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