Meraki Solar WiFi Repeater

Meraki Solar WiFi Repeater

Startup Meraki will launch its Meraki Outdoor WiFi repeater and the Meraki Solar accessory kit. The two combine allows users to offer wireless coverage over large outdoor areas quickly without running power cables.

Meraki Outdoor is able to send WiFi signals up to 700 feet. Priced at $99, it has following features:

  • Unique industrial design (weatherproof plastics, easy to mount)
  • Dual SSID supports public and private networks on the same connection
  • Long-range support (400-700 ft; 6-18 miles with point-to-point antenna)
  • 2 x 100Mbit Ethernet ports

The Meraki Solar is the first solar repeater for consumer market and it provide up to 3x energy effiency.



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