Qstarz Explore 2000 GPS Sports Recorder

Qstarz Explore 2000 GPS Sports Recorder

Qstarz presents the Explore 2000 GPS Sports Recorder. The Qstarz Explore 2000 offers not only GPS navigation functions but also the ability to manage and analysis various sports activities, such as cycling, jogging, sailing, skiing, etc.

It comes bundled with the Qsports software that can track progress and graph all sorts of statistics. Qstarz Explore 2000 features a backlit LCD display, and has 4MB memory for 260,000 waypoints. The Li-Ion battery offers 20 hours of life.

Qstarz Explore 2000 GPS Sports Recorder is available at a suggested price of USD $139.


  • Record and manage your various exercise/sports
  • Smart training plan and track for personal analysis
  • On-Screen display the latest GPS coordinate info
  • Share your tracks of sports or travel with friends
  • Be your Sports Mate for Health control


  • Outdoor activities (Cycling/Running/Walking Climbing/Skiing/Sailing/Backpacking/Flying, etc….)
  • Track Recording
  • Immediately demand the latest GPS info
  • GPS Navigation
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