Micron demos Ultra Fast 1GB/s SSD

Micron Ultra Fast 1GB/s SSD demo

At Micron’s blog, a video showing its ultra fast 1GB/s Solid State Drive (SSD). Unlike most SSD, Micron’s 1GB/s SSD utilize the PCIe interface, instead of PATA and SATA.

Watch the clip after the break:

The video shows two SSDs connected via PCIe interface and they are abble to achieve 800 MB/s data throughput and about 150,000 to 160,000 random IOPS. When the two SSD cards are combined as one device with 16 flash channel with a flash PCIe card, the combined card can go to up 1GB/s speed. The speed is really fast compare to 250 MB/s speed of other SSDs in the market.


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