Philips GoGear Spark, LUXE and Raga Music Players

Philips GoGear LUXE MP3 Player

Philips adds the Spark, LUXE and Raga to its GoGear portable music player lineup. All of them are available in 2GB or 4GB capacities.

The Philips GoGear Spark features a 1.46-inch OLED 128×128 display, voice recording and JPEG image viewing. The price is $50 for 2GB and $60 for 2GB.

Philips GoGear Spark mp3 player

The The Philips GoGear LUXE has a LCD display showing 1 line of text. It supports only MP3 and WMA audio formats. The GoGear LUXE has Bluetooth and can be paired with mobile phone to answer phone calls and show caller ID.

Philips GoGear Raga MP3 Player

Finally, the GoGear Raga is a basic music player with voice recording. The Spark and Raga both supports MP3, WMA and WAV. On the other hand, Spark and LUXE features Philips FullSound sound enhancement technology.



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