iLuv i9200 and i9500 CD / iPod Audio systems

iLuv i9200 4CD / iPod Audio System

iLuv launches the i9200, a high-fidelity mini audio system with 4CD / MP3 CD changer with an iPod dock. iLuv i9200 has a 4 MP3 CD/Audio CD playback system and 2-way speakers. It supports AM and FM radio and is able to remember as many as 16 AM and 16 FM stations. The i9200 has a LCD display showing the time, radio info, or CD playback info.

iLuv i9200 4CD / iPod Audio System

It has also an iPod dock for charging and playing music from iPod player. The iLuv i9200 is available in Black (i9200BLK)and White (i9200WHT) for $229.99. The i9200 supports iPod with video (30GB, 60GB, 80GB), iPod nano (1st generation, 2nd generation), iPod mini, and iPod 4G only.

iLuv i9500 CD / iPod Audio system

iLuv will release later the i9500, which is similar to i9200 and comes with a subwoofer.



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