Pass Labs Radical SR1 Speaker System

Pass Labs Radical SR1 Speaker System

Pass Laboratories will showcase its new Radical SR1 Speaker System at the CES 2009. The Radical SR1 is a dramatic dual-enclosure system with the look and feel of fine furniture.

The drivers of the SR1 system claimed to deliver “finest combination of low distortion, high dynamics, and predictable performance”. It is priced at $25,000 per pair.

It takes drivers of at least four sizes to span the SR1’s 10-octave audio range without significantly leaving the “piston” region. The SR1 houses the drivers in dual enclosures. A large bass enclosure for the ten- and eight-inch drivers handles the bottom four octaves, and a smaller enclosure carries the midrange and tweeter. Custom crossover and equalization electronics elicit the drivers’ best performance.



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