Panasonic VIERA V10-, G10-, S1-, X1-Series Plasma HDTVs

Panasonic expands its VIERA Plasama HDTVs with the new V10-, G10-, S1-, X1-Series, in addition to the 1-inch thin Z1 series.

Panasonic VIERA V10-series NeoPDP Plasma HDTV
The VIERA V10 series are 2-inch thin slim Plasma HDTVs with built-in digital TV tuner. Based on Neo PDP design, V10 series have Full-Time 1080 TV lines of motion resolution, 40,000:1 contrast ratio, 600Hz Sub-field Drive, Digital Cinema Color, VIERA LInk and VIERA Image Viewer. V10 is available in 65-, 58-, 54-, 50-inch sizes. V10-series has the VIERA CAST web menu.

Panasonic VIERA G10-series NeoPDP Plasma HDTV
Panasonic VIERA G10 series are also a THX certified Plama HDTVs with NEO PDP design. G10 offers similar features as the V10-series.

Panasonic VIERA S1-series NeoPDP Plasma HDTV
Panasonic VIERA S1-series are NEO PDP HDTVs with Full-Time 1080 TV lines of motion resolution. Except the absentce of THX certification and VIERA CAST menu, the two series are pretty similar.

Panasonic VIERA X1-series Plasma HDTV
The Panasonic VIERA X1-series are 720p Plasma HDTVs with 30,000:1 contrast ratio, 600Hz Sub-field Drive, an Infinite Black panel and VIERA Image Viewer.

These new Plasma HDTVs will be available in Summer 2009.



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