Sharp LC-22DV27U and LC-22SB27U 22-inch Widescreen LCD TV


Sharp is launching its LC-22DV27U and LC-22SB27U 22-inch LCD TV with widescreen capability. The Sharp LC-22DV27U features a built-in DVD player and integrated ATSC and QAM tunersfor off-air and cable digital broadcasts. It has 1366×768 resolution and an HDMI input.

On the other hand, Sharp’s LC-22SB27U comes with ATSC/NTSC tuners and QAM tuner. It has Spectral Contrast Engine D (Dark), providing a high dynamic contrast ratio. It offers an HDMI input.

Sharp LC-22DV27U will be available for $449.99 in March while the LC-22SB27U in April for $399.99.



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