JVC TH-G31, TH-G41 and TH-G51 Home Theater Systems

JVC H-G51 ipod home theater system

JVC announced three new 5.1 channel home theater systems, including  TH-G31, TH-G41 and TH-G51. Each of them is a 1000-watt 5.1 channel system comprised of a progressive scan DVD receiver, five speakers and a subwoofer.

JVC’s TH-G41 comes with a connected dock for iPod/iPhone music and video playback. The TH-G51, other than features offered by TH-G41, comes with also wireless rear speakers. Both devices have an HDMI input with repeater.

All three systems have a front front auxiliary input and support Dolby Digital and DTS decoding.

JVC TH-G51     June 2009     $429.95
JVC TH-G41     May 2009     $329.95
JVC TH-G31     April 2009     $249.95


JVC H-G41 ipod home theater system


JVC H-G31 home theater system


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