OCZ Apex SATA II 2.5-inch SSD

OCZ Apex SATA II 2.5-inch SSD

OCZ Technology announced its new Apex series SATA II 2.5-inch Solid State Drives. This affordable midrange Apex series internal RAID 0 architecture, updated controller design, and offers 230MB/sec read and 160MB/sec write speeds. The Apex SSD has 1.5 million hour mean time before failure (MTBF) ensuring peace of mind over the long term.

The 2.5-inch Apex series is available in 60GB, 120GB and 250GB:

  • 60GB -OCZSSD2-1APX60G
  • 120GB – OCZSSD2-1APX120G
  • 250GB – OCZSSD2-1APX250G


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