Kenwood eXcelon DNX9140 In-Dash DVD receiver with GPS

Kenwood eXcelon DNX9140 In-Dash DVD receiver with GPS

Kenwood announced four new eXcelon in-dash DVD receivers with integrated GPS navigation capability from Garmin. These new DVD receivers/GPS navigators are eXcelon DNX9140, DNX7140, DNX6140 and DNX5140.

The eXcelon DNX9140 is a double-DIN DVD receiver with a 6.95-inch touchscreen display. It uilt-in Bluetooth by Parrot for connectinf cellphones and smartphones. It has on-board DSP processor offering 5.1 surround soud and you can also find voice control system. Of course, the DNX9140 comes with Garmin’s GPS navigation software and GUI.

The eXcelon DNX7140 has the same advanced Garmin navigation platform and Parrot Bluetooth  as the DNX9140. Other than hands-free calling, the DNX7140 does also SMS texting and wireless audio streaming via built-in Parrot Bluetooth. It has a 6.95-inch touchscreen.

eXcelon DNX6140 and DNX5140 both have a 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen, Parrot Bluetooth, DVD/MP3/WMA compact disc, playback, iPod/iPhone support, external mass storage devices, satellite radio and HD Radio.

Pricing and availability:
DNX9140             $2,000.00            May, 2009
DNX7140             $1,700.00            March, 2009
DNX6140             $1,250.00            January, 2009
DNX5140             $1,150.00            January, 2009



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