Albatron Optical Touch Monitor does Multi Touch

Albatron Optical Touch Monitor does Multi Touch

Albatron will launch in March its Optical Touch Monitor (OTM), a multi-touch LCD display. The 21.5-inch Optical Touch Monitor features Full HD resolution, 120Hz refresh rate. It has DVI and D-Sub input ports.


  • The OTM requires no recalibration as opposed to traditional touch monitors that typically require recalibration after extended use.
  • OTM is more cost effective. When manufacturing larger and larger traditional touch screens, there is a proportional increase in the cost of “sensing” material, since the technology is embedded into the screen . As mentioned, there is no “sensing” material in an OTM screen itself, so increasing the size of the monitor does not result in a proportional increase in the cost of “sensing” material (there is only a marginal increase in general costs due to materials needed for producing a larger product).
  • OTM monitors are more durable. In a traditional touch monitor, wear and tear from tapping, prodding, scraping, dragging can damage the “sensing” material on the screen. Since the “sensing” material is not embedded into the screen on an OTM, it is impossible to damage the “sensing” capabilities through normal use.
  • OTM has multi-touch capabilities (manipulating the screen with more than one finger). Traditional touch panels are incapable of multi-touch capabilities.
  • OTM can grow to unlimited size. Because of the simple structure of OTM technology, these monitors can theoretically be built as large as you need. Traditional touch monitors, however, are limited to 15-inch or less.
  • OTM display is more brilliant than traditional touch monitors because the screen itself is not obstructed with embedded sensing hardware.


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