BenQ intros 10 G-series LCD Monitors

BenQ intros 10 G-series LCD Monitors

BenQ adds 10 new LCD displays to its G-series 16:9 widescreen LCD display line. These displays include 24-inch G2411HD and G2411HDA, 23.6-inch G2410HD, 21.5-inch G2220HD and G2220HDA, 20-inch G2020HD and G2020HDA, 18.5-inch G920HD and G920HDA, and 15.6-inch G610HDA.

BenQ’s 24-inch G2411HD/HDA, 23.6-inch G2410HD, and 21.5-inch G2220HD/HDA feature Full HD 1080p resolution, 100% dot-to-dot matching, dDynamic contrast ratios range from 10,000:1 to 40,000:1m 5ms response time. The G2411HD/HDA and G2410HD has Advanced Motion Accelerator for increased brightness and faster response time.

20-inch G2020HD/HDA, 18.5-inch G920HD/HDA, and 15.6-inch G610HDA, on the other hand, offer 720p resolution.

All of these 10 LCD displays come with BenQ’s Senseye+photo image enhancement engine. They all have D-sub input, HD models will have DVI. The G2411HD offers additional HDMI jack.



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