Vizio EcoHD series Energy Efficient LCD HDTVs

Vizio EcoHD series Energy Efficient LCD HDTVs

Vizio introduces the new EcoHD series eco-friendly LCD HDTVs. Seven models are available, including 19-inch VA19L HDTV10T and VA190E-W, 22-inch VA220E, 26-inch VA26L HDTV10T and VA260E-W, 32-inch VA320E and V0320E. These EcoHD TVs exceed all Energy Star 3.0 requirements by as much as 25%.

All EcoHD HDTVs have 1366×758 resolution. The VA19L HDTV10T, VA190E-W and VA220E have 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio; the VA26L HDTV10T and VA260E-W have 2400:1 contrast and the VA320E and V0320E offers the highest 50,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. They all provide 60Hz refresh rate.

Except for the two 32-inch models with SRS TruSurround HD, all other models come with SRS TruSurround XT. They all have two HDMI ports.

  • VA19L HDTV10T – $249.99
  • VA190E-W – $249.99
  • VA220E – $299.99
  • VA26L HDTV10T – $399.99
  • VA260E-W – $399.99
  • VA320E – $449.99
  • V0320E – $449.99


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