QIO PANiQ wearable electronics system

QIO PANiQ wearable electronics system

QIO System announced the PANIQ wearable electronic system. The PANiQ electronics are basically modular, removable dongles that can be integrate into PANiQmode clothing creating “a ‘wearable network’ for consumer electronic devices”.

Thanks PANiQ’s smart-fabric touchpad, PANiQmode clothing can interact with iPod, iPhone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can find PANIQ clothings from Cole Haan, Zoo York, KILLA, iQuantum, Celio, Beaucre, and Bailo.
PANiQ electronics to be launched:

  • PANiQ controller for iPod – supporting all third generation iPods and greater
  • PANiQ controller for iPhone
  • PANiQ controller for Bluetooth cell phones and iPod
  • PANiQ Walkie-Talkie – (Spring 09)
  • PANiQ AM/FM – (Spring 09)


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