Sony SRS-Z50, SRS-D25, SRS-Z100 and SRS-DF30 PC Speakers


Sony introduces at the CES its four new multimedia PC speakers, SRS-Z50, SRS-D25, SRS-Z100 and SRS-DF30.

The SRS-Z50 is a pair of slim speakers with bass reflex duct while the SRS-Z100 comes with bass boost. Sony’s SRS-D25 2.1 speaker system has subwoofer. Lastly, the SRS-DF30 is a set of 2.1-channel speaker system with integrated FM tuner.

The SRS-Z50 will be priced at $60, SRS-D25 at about $70, the SRS-Z100 at about $100 and the SRS-DF30 at $200. They will be available in March.

Sony SRS-DF30


Sony SRS-Z50

Sony SRS-Z100



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