HBI SnorePro SP600 helps reduce snoring

HBI SnorePro SP600 helps reduce snoring

HBI USA introduces the SnorePro SP600, a device that can help you reduce snoring. The SnorePro can detect loud snores and it has a biofeedback function that will send a programmable electronic stimulations to the users’ skin. The function works like a wife who nudges her snoring husband and disturbs his sleep which causes him to change his sleep position. The biofeedback function is activated by loud snores through a changeable snore intensity threshold.

The SnorePro SP600 can also record loud snores and users can track their improvement using the LCD display.


  • Built-in snore counter and LCD display to track improvements
  • Discover how to alter sleep positions or lifestyle to reduce snoring
  • Biofeedback trains user to tighten up throat muscle and reduce loud snores
  • Stimulation may increase oxygen intake and improve sleep quality
  • Bedmates may enjoy sleep and won’t need to nudge their snoring partner!


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