B&O Master Link Gateway A/V integration system

B&O Master Link Gateway A/V integration system

Bang & Olufsen  presents the Master Link Gateway, a full A/V integration system. With the Master Link Gatewaym users can control and operate all their home automation equipment from the Beo5 remote control. Users can even combine actions involving both home automation and A/V equipment, for example you can switch on the light and the TV in the kitchen at the same with a single touch.

B&O Master Link Gateway allows up to 130 commands per room, including local command for a room or global commands for entire house. The system can be integrated with A/V product and home equipments easily. The Master Link Gateway simply translates Bang & Olufsen Master Link commands into LAN (ethernet) or RS 232/RS 485 commands that home automation systems can understand and vice versa.

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