Stanton SC System 1 Professional DJ System

Stanton SC System 1 Professional DJ System

Stanton launches the new SC System 1 (aka SCS-1), a set of digital controller for professional DJ. The SCS-1 includes the SCS.1d deck and the SCS.1m mixer offering the laptop DJ new performance abilities and functionality while preserving the familiar feel of traditional equipments. The SC System 1 features the HSS1394 protocol that allows MIDI messages to be translated and rapidly exchanged via FireWire.

The SCS.1m mixer has a 4-channel design, Mic and Phono / Line input, Balanced, studio-quality TRS output for mains; RCA booth output and 1/4-inch headphones output. It can be used with the SCS.1d or as a standalone mixer.

SCS.1d deck has an adjustable high-torque 10-inch motorized platter with vinyl surface and superior tracking and a 100mm motorized pitch fader.



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