IN14 Nixie Tube Clocks

in14-brushed-aluminum-clock.jpg offers serveral IN14 Nixie tube-based clocks. These clocks use IN14 Nixie tubes to show you the time.

The $350 IN14 Brushed Aluminum Clock features a a solid piece of aluminum stock, brushed and anodized. Weighs two pounds, the aluminum clock has a very solid look and feel.


If you don’t like brushed one, consider the $495 IN14 Milled Solid Aluminum Clock which is milled from a solid piece of 6063 aluminum.


You can find also IN14 Hardwood Clocks that are hand made from beautiful hardwoods such as leopardwood, mahogany, zebrawood, purple heart, lyptus, red oak, poplar and Spanish cedar and finished with hand rubbed beeswax and linseed oil. Hardwood clocks are priced at $375.

There is also IN14 Black Powder Coat Clock that costs $199.




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