Lite-On intros three 24X DVD Burners

Lite-On iHAS324, iHAP424 and iHAS624 24X DVD Burners

PLDS (Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions) announced three new 24X DVD writers under Lite-On brand. The three new burners are iHAS324, iHAP424 and iHAS624. They all offers 24X DVD writing speed and features SmartErase technology offering users with a permanent solution for erasing discs with confidential data.

Lite-On’s iHAS324 and iHAS624 both use SATA interface. The iHAS624 will feature also LightScribe and LabelTag for disc labeling. The iHAP424 uses PATA instead and includes SmartErase and LightScribe.

Lite-On will release iHAS324 and iHAP424 in March and iHAS624 in May.



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