FastMac APP-6963 and APP-6964 Slimline External Blu-ray Burners

FastMac APP-6963 and APP-6964 Slimline External Blu-ray Burners

FastMac introduces two new slimline USB external Blu-ray burners that work on both PC and Mac, the APP-6963 and the APP-6964. These ultra slim blu-ray writers utilize the USB 2.0 interface and offers SuperMulti recording ability.

The FastMac APP-6963 write BD-R/RE at 1X while the FastMac APP-6964 burns BD-R at up to 4X and BD-RE at 2X. They can also write on dual layer BD-R and BD-RE discs. Of course, they can also record DVD+R/RW DL, DVD-R/RW DL, DVD-RAM and CD-R/RW. APP-6963 and APP-6964 are priced at $299.95 and $399.95 respectively.

FastMac offers also the APP-6907 Blu-ray drive that can at BD-ROM at 2X and write DVD+/-R/RW DL and CD-R/RW. It costs $99.95.
FastMac APP-6907 BD-ROM

  • 2X BD-ROM reading
  • 5X DVD-RAM Writing
  • 8X DVD-R Writing
  • 2X DVD-R DL Writing
  • 4X DVD-RW Writing
  • 8X DVD+R Writing
  • 2.4X DVD+R DL Writing
  • 4X DVD+RW Writing
  • 8X CD-R Writing
  • 8X CD-RW Writing

FastMac APP-6963 BD-R 1X Burner
Write speed:

  • 1X BD-RE Blu-ray
  • 1X BD-R Blu-ray
  • 1X BD-RE DL Blu-ray
  • 1X BD-R DL Blu-ray
  • 8X DVD+R,DVD-R
  • 2.4X DVD+D9(DL)
  • 2X DVD-D9(DL)
  • 5X DVD-RAM
  • 8X CD-R
  • 8X CD-RW

Read speed:

  • 24X CD-ROM
  • 8X DVD-ROM
  • 1.6X BD-ROM

FastMac APP-6964 BD-R 4X Burner

Write speed:

  • 4x BD-R
  • 2x BD-RE
  • 2x BD-R DL
  • 2x BD-RE DL
  • 8x DVD-R
  • 6x DVD-RW
  • 8x DVD+R
  • 8x DVD+RW
  • 4x DVD-R DL(D9)
  • 4x DVD+R DL(D9)
  • 5x DVD-RAM
  • 24x CD-R
  • 16x CD-RW

Read speed:

  • 4x BD
  • 24x CD
  • 8x DVD


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