modu phone with modu jackets


modu announces its modu jackets for its modu phone, which is probably the world’s lightest phone. Unlike traditional cellphones, the modu phone is a sleek modular phone that can be slipped into a range of modu jackets.


Even without a modu jacket, modu’s phone unit still works with a graphical user interface and a unique seven-key keypad. It has 2GB internal memory and built-in music player. modu has announced four series of modu jackets, including:

  • modu night jacket: inspired by the nightlife scene, this jacket includes futuristic styling with an edgy keypad, flashing lights, night mode imaging and a unique graphical user interface
  • modu street-art jacket: capturing the expressive and vibrant street art scene, this jacket fea-tures stereo speak¬ers and dedicated music keys for a powerful music experience
  • modu classic jacket: designed to fit the everyday needs of a modern lifestyle, this jacket carries all essential mobile communication features with an air of elegance and fine taste
  • modu express jacket: this jacket transforms the modu phone and user interface with a rain-bow of fun, playful flavors

modu bicycle jacket

modu music jacket


modo photo frame jacket

modu sports jacket



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