Sony DX and MX series Slim 3LCD Projectors

Sony VPL-MX25 and VPL-MX20 3LCD projector

Sony Japan introduces the new DX and MX series slim projectors. There are two models in the MX series, the VPL-MX25 and VPL-MX20, while three models are available in DX series, including VPL-DX15, VPL-DX11, and VPL-DX10. All of them are based on 3LCD projection technology and offer 1024×768 XGA resolution.

Sony’s VPL-MX25 and VPL-MX20 both feature 650:1 contrast ratio, 2500 lumens brightness and up to 150-inch image output. The VPL-MX25  features also WiFi 802.11a/b/g connecitivity. The MX series is really slim at just 45mm tall.

Sony VPL-DX15, VPL-DX11, and VPL-DX10 3LCD projector

Sony VPL-DX15, VPL-DX11, and VPL-DX10 on the other hand offer 700:1 contrast ratio and 2400 or 2000 (VPL-DX10) brightness. The VPL-DX15 has WiFi 802.11a/b/g support.

All models accept RGB input and S-video, composite and component inputs. Most models will be available in March, except VPL-MX25 and VPL-DX15, which will be released in June.



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