Sony XB series eXtra Bass Headphones

Sony XB series eXtra Bass Headphones

Sony Europe introduces the XB series eXtra Bass stereo headphones. In total, there are five models, The MDR-XB700, MDR-XB500, MDR-XB300 and the in ear MDR-XB40EX and MDR-XB20EX.

Sony’s MDR-XB700/500/300 features king-sized ear cushion to reduce sound leakage and provide better sound isolation. The MDR-XB700 has a rugged, extra-large 50mm dome-type driver.

The MDR-XB40EX and MDR-XB20EX includes the ‘direct vibe’ acoustic design that minimises sound spillage. The MDR-XB40EX has also vertical driver orientation for powerful audio output.

Sony’s XB series eXtra Bass headphones will be available in March 2009.



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