3DFusion 3DFMax 3D Display

3DFusion 3DFMax 3D Display

3DFusion presents the 3DFMax, a stereoscopic Glasses Free, Broadcast Ready 3D display platform at the Digital Signage Exposition 2009. Based on Philips WOWvx 3D Solutions and 2D Plus Depth format, the 3DFMax 3D display features…well…no technical information are announced.

Blumenthal went on to say, “This initial 3DFusion Broadcast Ready 3D is in its infancy. It will only get richer, more immersive and captivating. This is the very first of many steps in the art of 3D stereoscopic high impact imaging. But make no mistake, this is the key first step which delivers Glasses Free 3D without the accompanying Headache, easily surpassing conventional 2D TV.”



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