Toshiba FeRAM – Highest Density Non-volatile RAM

Toshiba FeRAM - Highest Density Non-volatile RAM

Toshiba has developed a new FeRAM Ferroelectric Random Access Memory, which is the fastest and highest density non-volatile RAM. Toshiba’s new FeRAM features storage of 128-megabits and read and write speeds of 1.6-gigabytes a second.

Toshiba said that it would continue R&D in FeRAM, aiming for further capacity increases and eventual use in a wide range of applications, including the main memory of mobile phones, mobile consumer products, and cache memory applications in products such as mobile PCs and SSDs.

Main specifications:

  • Process 130 nanometer CMOS
  • Density 128 megabits
  • Cell size 0.252 μm2
  • Read/ write speed (bandwidth) 1.6 gigabytes/second (DDR2 interface)
  • Cycle time 83 nanoseconds
  • Access time 43 nanoseconds
  • Power supply 1.8V


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