Acer Hornet Ion-based Nettop Leaked

Acer Hornet Ion-based Nettop Leaked

According to leaked Acer’s presentation sliders, the PC maker is preparing a nettop mini PC based on NVIDIA’s Ion chipset. Named as Acer Hornet, the small form factor mini PC will pack Intel’s Atom processor and the Ion graphics chipset. The Hornet will offer HDMI output.

NVIDIA’s Ion is a 1080p-capable graphic chipset for Intel’s Atom platform. It supports 1080p playback. As the slides shown, the Hornet will be a gaming-oriented nettop with a Wiimote-like controller for gaming. It is VESA compliant.

No word yet on official announcement of the Hornet.

[donanimhaber] via [slashgear]


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