Sony DLC-HD10 Swivel HDMI Cables

Sony DLC-HD10 Swivel HDMI Cables

Sony introduces its DLC-HD10 series swivel HDMI cable that allows easier installation of audio and video components against walls. Two models are available, the horizontal swivel DLC-HD10H and the vertical swivel DLC-HD10V.

Both cables  rotating connectors that swing the cable plug up to 90 degrees to create a right angle between the connector and the cable. They lock at both 90-degree and 45-degree angles for flexible application use.

Both DLC-HD10H and DLC-HD10V have a 3ft-3in length and are priced at $50. If you want longer, get the 6ft-6in DLC-HD20H and DLC-HD20V for $60.



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