Inkel WideTouch W700 – DMB TV, GPS, PMP

Inkel WideTouch W700 - DMB TV, GPS, PMP

Korean company Inkel introduces the new W700 multimedia device that comes with DMV TV tuner, GPS receiver and PMP functions. Inkel W700 features a 7-inch 800×480 LCD touchscreen display. Powered by a 360MHz and a 300Mhz processors, the W700 has integrated DMB digital TV tuner and GPS receiver.

Inkel W700 supports most media formats, including XviD, DivX, MPEG-4, WMV7/8/9, MP3, WMA and common image files. It offers 3D mapping, Picture in Pircture as well as Navigation in Picture function. It supports also the TPEG standard. This WideTouch has a remote control.

There are also WideTouch W600 and W500 that offer similar features but with a 6-inch and 5-inch touchscreen respectively.



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