Sanyo LP-XU355 and LP-XU305 Wireless LCD Projectors

Sanyo LP-XU355 and LP-XU305 Wireless LCD Projector

Sanyo announces in Japan its new LP-XU300 series LCD projector, including the LP-XU355 and LP-XU305 with WiFi 802.11b/g connectivity. Both projectors offer 1024×768 resolution, 1.6x zoom, and built-in 7W mono speaker. The LP-XU355 has 3500 ANSI lumens brightness while the LP-XU305 offers 3000 lumens. Both models have DVI and D-Sub inputs.
There are also other new models without WiFi: the LP-XU350 with 3500 lumens and 1W speaker and the LP-XU300 with 3000 lumens and 1W speaker. They have 1.2x zoom. The LP-XU301 offers 3000 lumens, 1.6x zoom and 7W speaker. They all feature 1024×768 resolution.



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