Stanton T.55 and T.92 USB Turntables

Stanton T.92 USB Turntable

Stanton introduces the two new USB turntables, the T.55 and the T.92. Stanton’s T92 USB is a professional-grade turntable with high-torque direct drive motor. It comes with S-Shaped tone arm for lower distortion and reduced record wear, built-in DSP with keylock for controlling tempo without affecting pitch.
Stanton T.55 USB Turntable

The entry-level T.55 is a all-around belt drive turntable with two playback speeds, 33 or 45 RPM and two Start/Stop switches for mix or battle setup.

Both turntables have USB and S/PDIF outputs, which can be used to transfer music on your vinyl records onto your computer or MP3 player. Stanton’s T.55 USB and T.92 USB packages both inlcude Stanton 500.v3 cartridge.

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