Sony RHT-G Series Stylish HDTV Stands

Sony RHT-G1550 HDTV Stand

Sony Europe announced the new RHT-G Series stylish HDTV stands. Three models are available, the RHT-G550 for 32-40-inch TVs, the RHT-G950 for use with 40-46-inch screen and the RHT-G1550 designed for 46-55-inch TVs.

Sony RHT-G950 HDTV stand

The RHT-G950 and RHT-G1550 both include 5.1-channel speaker arrays with a total output of 470W and 550W respectively; while the RHT-G550 offers 330W 3.1-channel audio. The G950 and G550 have a special, space-saving design where the rear corners of the unit are cut away so that it will fit further back into the corner of the room.

All these stands feature Sony’ S-Force PRO Front Surround technology and S-Master digital amplification and signal processing. The RHT-G550  will be released in July and the other two model in May.

Sony RHT-G550 HDTV stand



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