Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor

Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor

Tanita announced the BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor with Garmin’s ANT+ wireless connection standard. Thanks to the standard, the BC-1000 can securely and wirelessly transmit data to Garmin’s FR60 Fitness Watch.

Tanita’s BC-1000 is able to show the your weight, body fat percentage, hydration levels as well as muscle mass, overall physique rating, daily caloric intake, metabolic age rating, bone mass and visceral fat. When used with the FR60 watch, readings of weight, body fat and body water are wirelessly displayed and stored on the FR60, Tanita’s tabletop remote display or a PC (ANT+ USB stick needed).

The Tanita BC-1000 will come in two bundles options, $279.99 with an ANT+ USB stick or the $399.99 package that includes the BC-1000, FR50 watch and USB stick.



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