iRiver P35 PMP with WiFi and DMB

iRiver P35 PMP with WiFi and DMB
iRiver launches in Korea the new P35 portable media player. The P35 has a 4.3-inch LCD display with 480×272 resolution, and FM tuner. Three models are available, the P35 Basic with 8GB internal storage; he P35 DMB with T-DMB tuner and 16GB memory; and the P35 WiFi with T-DMB, WiFi 802.11b/g and 16GB storage capacity.


Popular media formats are supported, including MP3, WMA, WAC, OGG, APE, FLAC audio; MPEG4, XviD, WMV7/8/9, H.264 video as well as JPG, RAW, BMP, GIF, PNG images. The P35 can also read MS Office files, PDF, HTML, and HWP. It has built-in Flash Lite 3.0 player.

The P35 accpets microSD/SDHC cards. iRiver’s P35 DMB and P35 WiFi are priced at 358,000 Won and 398,000 Won respectively. Along with the P35, iRiver launches also the P7 in Korea.




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