Primare SPA22 Surround Amplifier is Upgradable


Primare introduces the SPA22, a surround processor and amplifier that is upgradeable. The device features a newly developed modular design allows for DSP, video and connections to be upgraded easily with proprietary Primare boards (yes, like upgrading your PC).

The Primare SPA22 has three switchable HDMI v1.3 inputs and a single HDMI output for audio and video. It offers 5 x 120 Watts of output power and supports Re-Routable Front Channels in 7.1 Mode. It is compatible with Dolby Digital, Prologic IIX, EX 7.1, dts, dts-ES 6.1, Neo6 and Multi-channel PCM.

Other than HDMI, the SPA22 has four composite, three RCA, three S-Video inputs. Primare SPA22 is available in Black and Titanium. It is priced at GBP 3000.



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