Photofast G-Monster-V4S SSD


Photofast introduces the new G-Monster-V4S V4 SLC series SSD. Available in 32GB and 64GB, the G-Monster-V4S offers 270MB/s reading speed and 170/MB/s writing speed. They have 64MB cache and use SATA interface. The 2.5-inch G-Monster-V4S 32GB and 64GB are priceda t 46,800 Yen and 84,800 Yen respectively. 128GB model will be released later.

photofast G-Monster-IDE V2 SSD

There is also the new G-Monster-IDE V2 SSD that uses the IDE interface. The 2.5-inch SSD has 100MB/s for both read and write. It’s available in 32GB(22,800 Yen), 64GB(36,800 Yen), 128GB (52,800 Yen)and 256GB(89,800 Yen).



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