Vuzix Augmented Reality Accessory Kit for VR920

Vuzix Augmented Reality Accessory Kit for VR920

At the 2009 Game Developers Conference (GDC 09), Vuzix announced the world’s first consumer augmented reality accessory kit designed for the use with the VR920 Virtual Reality Video Eyewear. With the kit, a simple printed page can be brought to life with 3-D animated characters that literally pop out of the book.

Vuzix’s augmented reality kit consists of two componets, the CamAR USB camera that mounts onto a pair of Vuzix Video Eyewear and the PhasAR wireless augmented reality input controller. The former is used to track objects and the user’s position in 3-dimensional space and the latter enables powerful 2-D like mouse support in order to effortlessly control virtual objects in 3-D space.

[vuzix PDF]


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