Canon REALiS LV-8300, LV-7375 and LV-7370 Multimedia Projectors


Canon offers three new REALiS LCD multimedia projectors, including the LV-8300, its first native WXGA widescreen; the LV-7375 and LV-7370. The LV-8300 features a 1280×800 resolution with 3000 lumens brightness. The other two models have 1024×768 resolution and 3500 lumens and 3000 lumens brightness respectively.

All three projectors have 500:1 contrast ratio and 1.2x zoom lens. They all offer Whiteboard mode, screen color correction and an ergonomic design. They accpets DVI-I, D-Sub, S-Video, Composite inputs. All models ahve integrated 7W speakers and an Ethernet port.

Canon REALiS LV-8300 and LV-7375 and LV-7370 are priced at $1,399m $1,799 and $1,299 respectively.



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