Darim Vision PVE400 Wearable/Portable Security Camera

Darim Vision PVE400 Wearable/Portable Security Camera

Darum Vision announced the PVE400, a portable video encoder/streamer designed for real-time monitoring. It’s a ruggedized device that withstands harsh conditions and is currently being used worldwide by the military, SWAT teams, and special-event security. It has an aluminum rugged encasement, waterproof bullet-head camera, and replaceable lithium-ion battery.

Darim Vision PVE400 supports WiFi video/audio streaming and GPS tracking. It does both WiFi streaming and local recording to a flash card at the same time. Videos are recorded in MPEG-4 format.

The PVE400 can be managed and monitored from either an Incident Response Command Post or from a Central Operations Control Center, delivering real-time video, audio, and GPS information from outdoor environments. It can also be utilized as a mobile camera mounted on an automobile, bicycle, dog, or robot for rescue operations, or rapidly deployed as a permanent or temporary wireless video surveillance platform, at sporting events, concerts, fires, or road accidents.



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